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Interview Spotlightz!!

Hosted by Jeff W. Jaggers II

Welcome to Interview Soptlightz!

On this page, everyone interviewed has made more than a mark in history, but are iconic

in the works they do. Either as industry heads or artist from international cultures, this is 

where you can learn certain caveats, not available on Wiki or Youtube. We only ask that you donate to our cause to record the candidly, that so many miss in context. 

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Session 1

Marvin Spruills and Rodney
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Black Country Music

Date of Interview:


Marvin Spruill is the defining legacy to country music, and it's origins from Africa. In his inaugural interview, he 

details how it was, is and how he became to be the Founder & Executive Producer of The Country Soul Music Awards.


Session 2

Travelin' Matt                                         

Travelin' Matt is a not only DJ but an entrepreneur, artist, music producer and  King of the Thailand Club scene! He has a very interesting and fun story to tell you, from the island of smiles!

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