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UZN 50th World Council

UZN 50th World Council

Welcome to UZN 50th World Council.

First, we thank and love you all!! Now that we have a site page for everything base on the first and only principle law that exist in Universal Zulu Nation: Love, Peace, Unity & Having Fun. Our mission is to further the legacy of UZN by its ability as a global community, unfractured. Elevate the collaborative efforts of promotion and maintain brand awareness of all members, fairly and just. Integrity is the corner

stone of trust and that opens many niches of qualified opportunity for all.  

As a global effort, we only ask that you respect other artist and elemental masters of hip-hop, as a matter of being humane. 

Now for the fun stuff!! 

With the help of, unification on this platform is tantamount to having a safe place to grow our art and support one another intellectually, spiritually and improve creative levels of austerity. 

This will require networking, promotion and coordination of how to help artist with community functions, within the culture of hip-hop. This means, everybody that has an idea or project that needs nurturing within the process, must also know that associations like this, foster a greater means of family. 

In the coming months, we will establish a global network available to all members. There is no cost to join but chapter donations would be discrectional to fundraising efforts, by for facilitation. We don't ask for much but It's nice to the non-profit that that it is. 

Lastly, I want to thank Afrika Islam for extending his friendship and association of Universal Zulu Nation. With him, this phase for all chapters will have a blue print for sustainability, for many decades, on this; our Planet Rock.

Blessings, and Peace to all.

Bro-Be-Won Zenobi








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