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  • What is fascism?
    Fascism is a far-right form of government in which most of the country's power is held by one ruler or a small group, under a single party. Fascist governments are usually totalitarian and authoritarian one-party states.
  • What is the 2025 project?
    What is Project 2025? The 922-page plan proposes a dramatic expansion of presidential power and a plan to fire as many as 50,000 government workers to replace them with former President Donald Trump loyalists who will carry out a hard-right agenda without complaint, according to the Associated Press. Project 2025 is a proposed presidential transition project that is composed of four pillars: a policy guide for the next presidential administration; a LinkedIn-style database of personnel who could serve in the next administration; training for that pool of candidates dubbed the "Presidential Administration Academy Simply put, Project 2025 is a massive, 920-page document that outlines exactly what the next Trump presidency would look like. This doesn’t just include policy proposals — like immigration actions, educational proposals and economic plans — but rather a portrait of the America that conservatives hope to implement in the next Republican administration, be it Trump or someone else. The document is a thorough blueprint for how, exactly, to carry out such a vision, through recommendations for key White House staff, cabinet positions, Congress, federal agencies, commissions and boards. The plan goes so far as to outline a vetting process for appointing and hiring the right people in every level of government to carry out this vision. The opening essay of the plan, written by Heritage Project President Kevin D. Roberts, succinctly summarizes the goal of Project 2025: a promise to make America a conservative nation. To do so, the next presidential administration should focus on four “broad fronts that will decide America’s future.” Those four fronts include: Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children. Dismantle the administrative state and return self-governance to the American people. Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats. Secure our God-given individual rights to live freely—what our Constitution calls “the Blessings of Liberty.” The rest of the document sketches out, in detail, how the next Republican administration can execute their goals on these four fronts. That includes comprehensive outlines on what the White House and every single federal agency should do to overhaul its goals and day-to-day operations — from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Defense, Small Business Administration and Financial Regulatory Agencies. Every sector of the executive branch has a detailed plan in Project 2025 that explains how it can carry out an ultra-conservative agenda. Therefore, extending the dramatic expansion of presidential power, and fire as many as 50,000 government workers to replace them with former President Donald Trump loyalists who will carry out a hard-right agenda without complaint, according to the Associated Press.
  • What is the Purpose of UZN 50th World Council?
    To operate at a support level for members on community affairs and activism. As members, any project of interest that benefits the community in all elements of Hip-Hop culture, will have access to support services relating. Across the Planet Rock, Universal Zulu Nation has spawned many chapters of artist/activist and said few, become the pinnacle of their achievements from the art itself. By providing a meta-space for elaborations, collaborations and evolution within the elements, it is our utmost belief of the fundamental law of all, in Zulu Unation: Love, Peace, Unity and Having Fun, remain the foundations generational efforts and preservation of the culture of HIP-HOP.
  • What does it cost?
    Nothing but time to make a difference or at least try harder than you can possibly imagine. When life moves, we all move, right? When we leave a positive signature then the work is meaningful, for those who appreciate it. By having a grassroots outreach, significance in history has made Hip Hop more than a movement. 2 Pulitzer Prizes come from the human experience in Hip Hop and the world over, is accepted.
  • What's next?
    Organization is key right now and we can't do it without everyone coming to the table to help make UZN World 50th Council more than a brand. The movement is best rendered by our contributions to making life an exaltation in the "living art". Getting everyone involved with the process of international speakers in their perspective countries, means communications of integrity have to exist. To be blunt - it's Hip-Hop. Archiving our work makes it central to becoming a insight for cultural studies. Therefore accredited college study would consist of understanding the business and socio-political shifts within the culture. This can be taught at the high school level with a focus for generational responsibility.
  • How do I add a new question & answer?
    To add a new FAQ follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Add a new question & answer 3. Assign your FAQ to a category 4. Save and publish. You can always come back and edit your FAQs.
  • Can I insert an image, video, or GIF in my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Create a new FAQ or edit an existing one 3. From the answer text box click on the video, image or GIF icon 4. Add media from your library and save.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
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