Hearing The Generations of the Voiceless...


      WELCOME to Media Art Radio Broadcasting, publicly produced for the global community! All are welcome to participate in community-based news, programming ideas, stories, and P.O.V.'s.

     Here, every voice counts, Be as courageous as you dare, eclectic in thought, unfiltered in rational and bolder than the "echo-box media", so many are trapped regarding its purpose in the human strata. 

    Together we can 

The International Spittahz Club is a hip hop world of culture. From UZN, the U.K., the U.S., South Africa, Japan, China, Senegal, Australia, Germany, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Palestine, Mexico, Cuba, Belgium, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, The Philippines - These Vid-Artist are the criteria for the future!! Hip-Hop has NO BORDERS, NO WALLS, NO RACE. WE are the Voice of the Voiceless! KTNG860am.org