Hearing The Generations of the Voiceless...


      WELCOME to Media Art Radio Broadcasting, publicly produced for the global community! All are welcome to participate in community-based news, programming ideas, stories, and P.O.V.'s.

     Here, every voice counts, Be as courageous as you dare, eclectic in thought, unfiltered in rational and bolder than the "echo-box media", so many are trapped regarding its purpose in the human strata. 

    Together we can 

The International Spittahz Club is a hip hop world of culture. From UZN, the U.K., the U.S., South Africa, Japan, China, Senegal, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Palestine, Mexico, Cuba, Belgium - These Vid-Artist are the criteria for the future!! Hip-Hop has NO BORDERS, NO WALLS, NO RACE. WE are the Voice of the Voiceless! KTNG860am.org