1. We DON'T OWN THE         RIGHTS TO ANY VIDEO!! Vidz are strictly for and by the community of artist that we promote as "global fan favorites".


2. Each Vid-Artist or Group is based on Lyrical Context, Clarity, Pattern, Imagination, Production and Style, Stage Performance, Presence, and not dependent on views! In other words - BE DA M.C.!


3NO HATERZ - Critique is needed to inspire MORE creative legacies in the culture of hip hop!


4. Everyone gets a shot, no matter their native language.


5ONLY  the top 20 are featured on the KTNG MORNING SHOW 7am(mst)

Rulez of da Game!

Lyric L Reyy

Rich Fame Thnx brotha' ✊ To be a part of the "International's Spittah Club" is an honor to me 💯 Because I really like that show title I feel proud to be featured.