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For some years, KTNG has been apart of the international community and now, we extend that courtesy to invite the voiceless to share their stories, interest and coherent visions abroad!

We've been asked by many on HOW and though the inquiries are numerous, so few can only make the cut to broadcast, consistently.

So to help YOU understand what we're looking for in quality instead of quantity,

we have developed guidelines, that will help you, even if you have NO EXPERIENCE in COMMUNITY JOURNALISM!!

Just to add a touch of credibility: KTNG.Org taught a version of these guideline to students of the Compton YouthBuild, graduating 98% of the classes, as a community elective. My thanks to the support of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Compton and Maria Villarreal.


Who are you? What is your show or topic about? What is your focus of discussion? Where is the report/story happening at and the reason to make the report/ Where are you reporting from? How is this relevant to your listening audience? Why are your closing solutions relevant? (This can be given as a perspective to make people think of a positive out come.) How do you pose a conclusion that people can follow you unto the next show or story you produce? These should be the first considerations of your outline of what you want to produce, record and have ready for broadcast. 


Watch YOUR RAMBLING! Q: Are you clear enough for people to understand your story/message? The flow is important. If not, then write it out, before you spout and remove all doubt! Too many like to prop their egos, only to sound like they're foreign to the subject matter they're supposed to have knowledge on! DO YOUR RESEARCH AND GET TO THE POINT or LOSE YOUR AUDIENCE! No amount of secondary improvisation can clean up a sloppy broadcast! Unless someone is interviewing you, only then would a short bio be needed.


Tagging: This is know as adding the station ID (KTNG 860AM.Org) is tagged at both the beginning and end of EVERY show! Failure to do so, means, it will be edited in. WHY? In compliance with the FCC, people need to know who and where they heard your program from.


In reporting a news/story or opinion piece item, you don't need expensive gear to do so! Your cellphone is your microphone and direct mailer of mp3's that you'll need to send those up for broadcast. If you wish to make a promo PSA of your cast, we'll air produce it to quality standards that is globally accepted. That means the difference in both branding and marketing of you and what you bring to the airwaves.  


Integrity and commitment means that you can use this as a platform to greater production values. That means a greater presence on many social media platforms now and ready to provide you greater access to a wider audience, other than Facebook! If you're not committed to providing your audience the reasons you want them to pay attention to you, then you'll find yourself labeled as a "spinster" and you'll lose the respect you thought you deserved.  


Annunciation is key to clarity. If you're having issues with that as a polygomic to linguistics, then rehearse what you've written until you feel confident that you can. If you choose to use words that are difficult to pronounce in academia, get a dictionary. Keep in mind that with editing and post-production on recordings that are designed to master your final production, we can make you sound as good as you present yourself. Flow and pace is how you write, better.


Lastly, we are all storytellers on the information we know. Increase your knowledge by reading on the subjects you wish to report on. Read as often and as much as you can, from every source of interest. Failure to do so, means your critics will challenge you and that will place you as a hack to giest. In all of these directives to follow, it is imperative to bring the best you have in your broadcast. Failure to adhere to the guidelines published in the KTNG MEDIA ARTS course, will mean the difference in your shows' consistency and reputation. We value what you do and so should you.

When you have everything recorded, send it as an MP3! No, we won't put additional media player embeds or backlinks to 3rd party websites, just for your program. We schedule accordingly and during "fund drives", are subject to donation in support of the community. If you don't have the means or understand how, send what you have via email and we'll do our best to convert it for you! 

MP3 Format:

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